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THE YIN TO MY YANG Ring silver

THE YIN TO MY YANG Ring silver
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Product Description

When Yin and Yang merge, the energies can flow freely and a state of happiness and perfection is established.

Yin and Yang is an ancient sacred symbol and stands for interdependent opposites. The terms originate from Chinese philosophy, particularly Daoism. It reminds us that there isn't just black and white, but that the opposites are always in interplay with each other. Heaven therefore only exists because there's earth, winter because there's summer and shadows because there's light. 'You're the Yin to my Yang'. This message will remind your loved ones how much they mean to you!


XS (inside diameter 1,59 cm / US 5,25 / EU 50)

S (inside diameter 1,69 cm / US 6,5 / EU 53)

M (inside diameter 1,78 cm / US 7,5 / EU 56)

L (inside diameter 1,85 cm / US 8,5 / EU 58)

XL (inside diameter 1,90 cm / US 9 / EU 59)